Flying Drones Perform Stock Checks with NXP’s UCODE at CeBIT

Flying robots for inventory control? It might sound like science fiction, but a special event at this year’s DRONEMASTERS Summit (CeBIT, March 14-18), showed that drones are ready to perform autonomous stock checks. 

A smart and highly efficient logistic technology, based on UHF RAIN RFID IC‘s, was one of the eye-catchers during this year’s CeBIT.

RFIDtakes business to the sky

“Until now, usually somebody physically walks by the shelves and scans the goods with a RFID handheld reader device. However, in two, three years, small drones will be able to fly autonomously by the shelves just before the retail store opens”, explains Kurt Bischof, Global Senior Marketing Manager from NXP Semiconductors.

On a parkour, which simulates a warehouse situation, storage boxes WEREbuilt in five areas. These are provided with nxp UCODE RFID chips and scanned within seconds with sensors mounted on drones. These flying assistants are designed to locate and log objects automatically thanks to UHF RAIN RFID. In the second step, the generated information is visualized on a web-based solution in real time:Flyers with  NXP NFC stickers link to a landing page where visitors can receive the real time data.

The demonstration showed that autonomous flying robots are ready to do business. The drones sent the collected data back to the webbased solution, where it was displayed in an easy-to-read, highly accurate visualization of real-time inventory. Flyers equipped with NXP NTAG NFC stickers linked to the landing page where visitors received the real time data.

In a commercial setup, the collected inventory data could be processed, analyzed, and used for further planning and management processes, creating an inventory-control system that has the potential to be more accurate, more efficient, and more automated than ever before.