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The ITLogistique commitment:

This high-tech sales website is intended to offer specific devices for logistics and traceability. Our mobile devices (PDA, RFID, 1D, 2D), RFID printers, RFID antennas, NFC and RFID tags and labels have been chosen following careful research and selected from markets often difficult to understand.

 Our aim is to simplify the offer providing simple configurations with detailed prices amongst the lowest in the industry. To achieve this, we meet directly with the manufacturers with whom we develop solutions tailored to your business. Our products are laboratory tested to ensure that our offers equal, if not better those of top brands, all at a lower price.

ITLogistique - RFID PDA Printers

ITLogistique - RFID PDA Printers

ITLogistique : PDA, Printer, RFID, RFID UHF reader, RFID Tag et NFC Tag

ITLogistique is a company providing you with all of your equipment for logistics.
RFID hardware, UHF RFID, NFC, RFID Label Printer, etc ...